Chapter 52: One of these Days

One of these days I’m going to chop you into little pieces!” –Pink Floyd, “Meddle”.

Eighteen years later.

Kadence Roxiella Wainwright was sitting on the hard wooden stool at a table that smelled of lemon sanitizer in the middle of the wide food court in a mall. To her right, she could see clearly through the floor-to-high-ceiling windows into the parking lot and the quick-stop drop-off curb. That’s where she saw Thaddeus pull the Plymouth up, all Dirty Harry-looking, and hell if he didn’t actually get out of the car and sashay around to the other side to let his little princess Scorpion out of the car.


Well, not rally, Roxy thought, but yeah, maybe just a little bit. Hell, they would be working together now, together in the Morimoto Corp where her dead father had toiled for years and years-

Shit, here she comes.

Scorpion was gorgeous, and Roxy felt that little pang of jealousy. She had to control that, it might get her into some seriously deep shit some day. Especially if she was to be working in this Corporation…

Scorpion sat down across from her, in a food court seat that Roxy presumed was just as hard and uncomfortable as the one she herself was currently seated in.

Thanks, Naomi,” Roxy said.

Sure, Kadence,” Scorpion said back, sliding the manilla folder across the table-top.

So how’d you find out who it was?” Roxy asked. Her peripheral vision showed her Thaddeus’ Dirty Harry Plymouth pulling away from the mall’s drop-off curb.

I’ve gotta tell you,” Scorpion said, “Your dad got involved with some pretty weird shit within The Corporation. I mean like really weird shit.”

Is is in the files?” Roxy asked, her fingertips dancing lightly over the manilla envelope. Scorpion glanced down at it.

No. That’s just an outline, really. But the main players are there. Looks like your daddy was killed by this rogue physicist called The Brain.”

And Petersen just gave you all this information?”

Well, before I killed him, yeah.”

Roxy stared at the envelope, slightly dumbfounded. She finally knew who had killed her dad, now. And she was finally in a position to be able to do something about it, too. The Brain would never know what hit him.

How did Petersen know all about this?”

He used to work with your dad in The Corporation’s propaganda department, “Scorpion told her.

He did?” Roxy sounded surprised.

Yeah, apparently your poppa was a pretty good writer.”

He was?!”

Scorpion shrugged. “Hey, like I said, I only know the basics.”

Roxy was back to staring at the envelope. “All those guys were pretty old school, huh?”

Yeah, they helped shape The Corporation.”

And now we’re whacking them all,” Roxy said with a tone indicating sullenness.

Another shrug from Scorpion. “That’s what corruption gets you, I suppose.”

Yeah,” Roxy agreed quietly.

Listen, I gotta go. You going to be okay?”

Roxy nodded. “Yeah. I’m fine, thanks. “I’m just going to sit here a few minutes, finish my fish & chips, take this envelope, go home, and go to sleep. And then tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, I’m going to pay this Brain guy a visit.”

Scorpion nodded. She was standing up now. “Just be careful. He’s fucking crafty. And that address in there?” she pointed to the envelope on the table. “Well, that might be an apartment address, but he owns the entire building. Who know what he’s got set up there. From what I hear, it couldn’t have been easy to trick your dad.”

Yeah, he was pretty good. My dad, I mean”

I know what you meant. Well, I gotta go.”

Okay,” Roxy nodded, “see you at the office, then.”

Scorpion gave her a quick wave and she was heading towards the doors. Roxy saw, through the windows, Thaddeus pulling up right then. Perfect timing. He must’ve circled around.



Instead of finishing the fish & chips, Roxy slid the envelope off of the table and got the hell out of there.


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