Chapter 33: Brain’s Diary 2

Episode 33: Brain’s Diary 2

I was wrong.

And in the event that I was right all along, well…

Anyway, can’t think about that point now. I’ve got thawing pieces of Zarana’s corpse chiseled into petrie dishes waiting their turn under the microscope lens, through I doubt now those chips of her frozen body (or other-dimensionally tentacled protrusions of her body) are going to tell me anything that I don’t know now.

Thinking back on things, really, I should’ve know Zarana couldn’t have really been the key after her dumb-ass boyfriend was able to smash her head in with a rock. That’s not really key-to-inter-dimensional-doorway sort of behavior upon further reflection. Well, not that getting smashed in the head with a rock was really any true reflection of her behavior – but she did choose that lover, which speaks volumes about her personality. And like I said, not really key-to-the-universe type of shit, if you’d pardon me saying so.

At any rate, the key was there – it just wasn’t her. Unfortunately, that revelation only raises several other questions, and no real answers.

If my father’s research could have told me anything about that, it’s a little late now. I had his office, and all of his research in it, burned to the ground after Kodek had so cleverly dispatched him. That Kodek, he used to be so creative. Something’s happened to him lately. He’s downshifted his attitude towards life. Then again, maybe being hauled off to the local looney bin kind of took the bite out of his personal lust for life.

Whatever, I’ll deal with Kodek later. Right now The Corporation is calling – or screaming, rather, for their propaganda commercial. Apparently, they paid for some sweet air time on one of the satellite stations.

But I have Zarana’s thawing corpse to attend to and nothing but the ashes from my father’s life’s work to start detecting from.

I’ll find the answer. I have to.

Meanwhile, my one personal doorway thought the walls of the multi-dimension have been temporarily closed.

Or, frozen, rather.

Damn, Beaumont’s going to be disappointed.


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