Written by Vince D’Amato.

Chapter 1: The Whole Story

Chapter 2: The Second Storey

Chapter 3: The Movies Further

Chapter 4: The Decline of Art in the Educational System

Chapter 5: Further Tales of The Plumber

Chapter 6: Even Further Tales of The Plumber

Chapter 7: Shotgun Mary’s

Chapter 8: Exile on Main Street (and other tapes)

Chapter 9: Aftermath (it ain’t pretty) 

Chapter 10: M*A*S*H

Chapter 11: Psycho Bankruptcy 

Chapter 12: Wainwright & Damocles’ Sword

Chapter 13: The One O’clock Jump  

Chapter 14: Made Me, Miss

Chapter 15: The Big Fat Brain 

Chapter 16: The Big Fat Scoop 

Chapter 17: The Big Wrench 

Chapter 18: Thirteen Years Later… 

Chapter 19: That Yellow Bitch 

Chapter 20: Tales of Skyboy

Chapter 21: Brain’s Diary  

Chapter 22: Back for the Attack 

Chapter 23: Escape from New York Pizza 

Chapter 24: The Sausage Factory  

Chapter 25: Something Else Again  

Chapter 26: Halfway to Sanity  

Chapter 27: Not Now John 

Chapter 28: The Propaganda Racket #1 (of three)

Chapter 29: The Propaganda Racket #2 (of three)

Chapter 30: The Propaganda Racket #3 (of three)

Chapter 31: The Back Freezer

Chapter 32: The Big Fat Belly

Chapter 33: Brain’s Diary 2

Chapter 34: 30 Days in the Hole

The Plumber’s Christmas

The Plumber’s Boxing Day

The Plumber’s New Year’s Eve

Chapter 38: It’s New Year’s Day Somewhere

Chapter 39: Groundhog Day

Chapter 40: In the Shadows

Chapter 41: Back to the Past (Shotgun Mary’s)

Chapter 42: Kodek’s Back (at Shotgun Mary’s)

Chapter 43: Anna’s Back (at Shotgun Mary’s)

Chapter 44: Lifescript

Chapter 45: Moviescript

Chapter 46: V

Chapter 47: IV

Chapter 48: III

Chapter 49: II

Chapter 50: I

Chapter 51: The Other Side of the Whole Story

Chapter 52: “One of these Days”


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