"Fruit for Mom and Eggs for Dad"

by Brian E. Tull

On Sunday mornings I wake up and
Go downstairs to have a cup
Of orange Juice or Cold White Milk
With fluffy pancakes, soft as silk!
Those mornings are so very FUN
And I know that when you love someone
It’s good to do nice things for them
Like cook them eggs and toast with jam!

I love my parents an awful lot,
So there’s this great idea I’ve got…
I’ll cook for THEM like they do for ME!
I’ll even make eggs and toast and hot tea.
There is just one thing that I still need to learn…
How to use a stove without getting a burn!
My parents are good at using the stove,
And maybe they can teach me what I need to know.

So on Friday when they both came home
I dressed up like a garden gnome
And told them they each have ONE wish,
In the form of their FAVORITE breakfast dish.
My dad was quick with his reply,
He said “I would like eggs, either scrambled or Fried!”
My mom took a little more time to think,
Then she said “Slices of fruit with some hot tea to drink!”

So I asked mom if we had all the groceries we need,
After all, I have two hungry adults to feed.
We have everything that you will need my dear,
And on Sunday I will put it on the counter right here.”
So I thanked my mom, and made one more request.
To have Dad help me with the stove would be best.
My Dad agreed to help with the cooking and washing –
I will only use the stove with a grown-up closely watching!

Sunday morning is here at last, and
I know that cooking will be a blast!
So I rush in to my parents’ room and
Tell my Dad that we have to get cooking soon.
He was slow to move, but when he got up
We went to the kitchen and each had a cup
Of pure orange juice that was cold and so yummy
Because Dad says you should never cook with an empty tummy!

We got out the fruit and the tea and the eggs,
But I couldn’t reach the stove, even with my big-kid legs.
So Dad got a chair that was strong and real sturdy
And I went to jump on it – I was in such a hurry!
But Dad told me to stop and to climb on to it slow
Because sometimes the stove can be hot and we might not even know!
I saw lots of knobs once I stood on the chair,
And Dad said “We need to turn on that one right there!”

Dad reached over and turned the right one.
Finally,” he said “Now the cooking’s begun!”
He looked at the stove and patted my head
Alright kiddo, go right ahead!”
He helped me crack eggs and butter the pan,
And he helped me make toast and put on the jam.
He helped me slice fruit, and he helped me make tea.
The whole breakfast was cooked by my Dad and ME!

When the table was set I ran up to get Mom,
But when I looked in her room she was already gone!!
I looked in the bath-room; I looked down the hall,
But I could not find my mom! No, no, not at all!
All of a sudden I heard the front door,
And sure enough there was mom putting a bag on the floor.
Hello my child! Something smells very yummy!
Is that the breakfast you made, my dear hunny bunny?”

She picked up the brown bag went to the table.
There were no pictures on the bag, no letters, no label.
She took her seat and Dad poured her some tea,
And when I sat down beside her she leaned over to me.
In to my ear she said “Did YOU make all this?
It looks more delicious than I could ever have wished!
You are ever such a great chef! Did you know that?
And every good chef deserves a Chef’s Hat!”

She reached into the bag and right before my eyes
She pulled out a Chef’s Hat that was exactly my size!
I hugged my dear Mom and I hugged my dear Dad!
I hugged them real hard for EVERY breakfast I’ve had!
Once the hugging was done we started to eat,
And mommy was right, it was quite a treat!
When we were all done Mom got another one of her wishes,
Because that’s when Dad got up and did all the dishes.

That is the story of the best breakfast I have ever had,
The time I made fruit for my Mom and eggs for my Dad.

The End.

Dedicated to Lin Snow, and her baby girl.



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