All the boys love Amber Heard

I’ve been reading Bret Easton Ellis lately. It all started in a local HMV, where they were selling copies of his books (and many other authors’ classic works) for dirt cheap.  I had some time to kill before FrightFest in Leicester Square, so I read a little Revolutionary Road, read a little George Orwell, and read a few paragraphs of Bret Easton Ellis’ The Informers. I was intrigued.

Heading out to the local library (rather than putting out the 3 pounds it would’ve cost for the book at HMV), I did not end up finding another copy of The Informers – but I did find American Psycho. More on that later.

Back in 2009, while visiting London, I found and purchased a copy of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, a somewhat minor horror-thriller I’d caught wind of over the internet, which stars beauty Amber Heard as Mandy Lane. She was certainly engaging. Over the next couple of years, I saw Amber Heard pop up again in a small role in Zombieland, a co-starring role in the post-Grindhouse 3-D Nic Cage vehicle Drive Angry, and in another starring role in the British remake of the British film And Soon the Darkness.

It wasn’t until I got into American Psycho (the book) that I discovered that Amber Heard had also co-starred in the ensemble cast making up the poorly-handled film version of Bret Easton Ellis’ The Informers. Well, bad reviews be damned, I figured I’d check this thing out from myslef. Now, while having not yet read it, but by now having just finished reading the brilliant social-class satire American Psycho,  I felt like I was ready for a little cinematic take on Ellis’ writing. (It has been years since I’ve watched the film American Psycho). And I’m glad I did. In The Informers, we get all the plasticized satire of American Psycho, only not quite as biting or as violent – and set in L.A., not New York. But it’s still a damned good satire, and even though throughout the film one can tell that it might (likely) have been “toned down”, shall we say, there are still plenty of gut-tweaking moments as the L.A. world of the young and ambitious and rich and almost-famous calmly devour each other. For all intents and purposes, it certainly feels like Ellis was involved.

Amber Heard is part of the leading cast of young rich kids in L.A. who take their status and sex for granted, and while she’d naked for the first half of the film, I was more surprised (and pleased) to see that it was really a daring role for her, as opposed to a purely exploitative one. Brad Renfro also co-stars, the last film, I believe, prior to his untimely death.

Unfortunately, The Informers sat unreleased for a year or two, and when it finally was released, it was without any great fanfare. Perhaps rightfully so, I’ll be in a better position to comment on that once I have read the actual novel. Because I do believe anyone seeing this film out would do so for two reasons: either Amber Heard (growing a cult fanbase of her own now) or Bret Easton Ellis.


…Girl in the tub in “From Dusk Till Dawn 2…?”

…Texas Blood Money!

She’s the hot girl one of the bank robbers picked up on their way to their motel getaway. She took a bath, and wound up being attacked by bloodsucking bats and turning to one of the first vampires of the whole flick! Nice little role. And actually, back in 1999 when this flick was released onto home video (VHS and DVD) I’d known who that girl was — Maria Checa, Playmate of the Month August 1998. Like some other playmates form the nineties, as in the more notable Erika Eleniak (Chasers, Under Seige, Bordello of Bood) or Donna D’Erico (Baywatch, Candyman 2), it seemed like Miss Checa was about to break into her more-than-just-fifteen-minutes-of-fame. (Both of the aforementioned playmates are still acting in some capacity). So what the hell happened after Texas Blood Money? Well, Robert Patrick went on to somewhat revive his post-T2 career with flicks like The Faculty, Spy Kids and the Johnny Cash bio-pic Walk the Line while co-star Danny Trejo went on to become, well, Machete!

Maria Checa, in the meantime, did not really follow the path of the traditional rising-star Hollywood starlet. Or at least, I don’t think she did. She sort of retired from acting before her career really even got off the ground, and was soon found to be involved with an insider trading scandal that was worth, to her alone, an estimated 4.2 million buckaroos. Yeah, I guess I would’ve retired too.

So far, she’s come away from the whole insider-trading thing relatively unscathed, or at least, uncharged. Though as of 2008, she has been listed as a relief defendant, which means any illegal profits she made can be forfeited. Aside from her brief modelling/acting career, Checa is also an artist, having attended the Maryland Institute College of Art.

And for the record, I did actually enjoy From Dusk Till Dawn 2. Low budget? yeah. Entertaining? Hell, yeah.

So here’s to From Duck Till Dawn 4?!?

Who’s that Girl… from MACHETE?

So, this is the second of two new blog series going on indefinitely at Creepy Six Tales… starting, well, today! This will be the blog where we find out who the future cult sirens or possible future objects of obscurity might be. Hell, maybe in a few years we’ll have posted the next Hollywood star here. And this will indeed be the blog posts for all starlets, obviously I’m not restricting this to the Hollywood crowd.

Anyway, this week, well ask just who the hell that girl from the first reel of Rodriguez’s Machete was? You know, the girl who pulled the cell phone out of her… Anyway, she looked nice naked, and kicked some ass, too. Her real name is Mayra Leal, and in Machete she played “Chica” (aka “Naked Girl”). She’s a Texan actress who’s just starting out, she has a couple of television shows and made-for-TV movies under her belt.

Oddly enough, the character name “Chica” reminded me of another Rodriquez-inspired character, a vamp from his own company’s From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money… But I suppose that girl’s for the next on-the-fly post…