The end of two blogs… indefinitely.

I have been thinking about how to approach this post for the last week and a half. In truth, the indefinite stop to my two literary/film blogs seems inevitable. And unfortunately, I’ve decided not to finish off the “52 weeks of Films” blog-roll I’d started last year on Creepy Six Tales. Getting further and further behind, these posts are now weeks behind as time continues to get away from me these days. This blog-roll should have been wrapped by next month, instead I still have 10 films in the queue and three 300-word posts written – but not posted.

Between Creepy Six Tales, The Jess Franco Blogspot, the Creepy Six Films official site (and its blog), the new Brivido Giallo site, and the Shivers Film Society blog, there is just not enough time to keep up with the ever-changing content as well as the continuous need for new content on both of the aforementioned literary blogs (Creepy Six Tales and The Jess Franco Blogspot, to be clear). Nevermind the fact that I now have a Tumblr account that quite literally has digital tumbleweeds lazily rolling through it as it sits abandoned somewhere in cyberspace, and a Twitter account that is run by a wonderfully automated online system called Twitterfeed. Facebook? I don’t even have the interest to go down that side-street of a time vacuum. The decision to stop blogging (indefinitely) is not a light one by any means, the Jess Franco Blogspot in particular has been very good to me. But those posts too have been growing farther apart, and let’s be honest here, the idea for the 52 Weeks of Films I’ve Never Seen was really just a one-year filler for me while I thought of something really good to write – like the 52-part Tales of The Plumber I’d managed to do in 2011. Okay, maybe that wasn’t great literature, either, but damn, I had a blast doing that one, and really took to the challenge of writing a connective series of short stories (or chapters) every week for one year. I’d love to have the time to do something else like that in the future. The 52 Weeks of Films… suffered due to a lack of real inspiration, and the fact that I’ve now (finally) realized that writing and blogging are two vastly different art forms that require quite different variants of, shall we put it, a talent for concentration. I no longer have the luxury of a full-time job where I can steel an hour of The Company’s Time to duck out at a computer console rapping away at a new and insightful post every month, let alone once a week. When I do set aside my ever-increasingly precious time for writing, my mind automatically triggers the need to channel that inspiration into the work I’m truly excited about, which is, at the time of this writing, working on the next two screenplays for Creepy Six Films and the new Brivido Giallo production companies.

Running three independent films companies is a daunting enough task, in this day and age I find that I need to do that with a full-time gig on top of it, and at the same time I’m becoming more and more interested in quality time with my friends, family, the new Jess Franco blu-rays that have been sitting in my closet, unopened, for the last two months, and even the odd Stephen King book. While I don’t have a mass following on Creepy Six Tales or The Jess Franco Blogspot, and while I doubt one more internet film blogger will really be missed (indefinitely), I hope that this re-focusing of my concentration and efforts will reflect positively for Creepy Six Films, Brivido Giallo, and the Shivers Films Society, which I do intend to keep running – indefinitely – and with the great gusts of enthusiasm as I’ve always had for those companies that are really close to my heart and mind. So goodbye, blogs, (for now), and I thank all of the readers and supporters that have been with me so far – I’ll see you cinephiles and wonderful supporters of indie films at the cinema! The few that are left, anyway. But that’s a whole other blog waiting to happen…

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New Fiction Saturday: The Final Chapter!

Yes, that’s it, done deal, case closed, the final chapter is up, concluding the Tales of the Plumber after 52 weeks of on-the-fly stories that became connective tissue in a much larger meta-fiction project than I ever imagined, or let on here on this blog.

The incidents in Tales of The Plumber concern not only our dimension-warping hitman Kodek, but also The Corporation, which is fueled by dozens of other characters set to appear in the forthcoming revenge-thriller eBook titled “One of these Days”.

I hope the novel will be ready for publication by the end of 2012 or early 2013, all I can say is that it’s been written, and now being edited before going into final drafts.

Of course, we’ve now got the “writing on film” weekly blog writings here and we’ll continue to post short fiction as it comes in (or as its written), but I have to say it will be strange not to be visiting The Plumber every Saturday.

(April 16, 2011 – April 14, 2012)

May he Rest In Peace.

Although, likely not.



New Fiction Long Easter Weekend!

Six more days and TALES OF THE PLUMBER will be complete. This seems pretty strange to me, it doesn’t feel like a year since it all started. Originally, it began with a short story, titles “The Whole Story”, a quirky little ditty about a hitman who may have been a little to smart for his own good. The rest was inspired by a true story I’d read in Harlan Ellison’s collection titled SHATTERDAY (those of you from my age bracket might even remember this story adapted for the newer full-colour Twilight Zone series re-launch with Bruce Willis in the lead role), where the author recounts a time he’d sat in the window of a New York bookshop writing a short story on the fly for publicity. Ellison has written a few stories on the fly, a couple of which are included in the Shatterday book. Taking this idea and shaping it with Ray Bradbury’s insane notion that one could practice writing by authoring a story per week for an entire year – something he passed on to his sci-fi prodigy Charles Beaumont, and something that Beaumont actually practiced before professionally writing original Twilight Zones of his own for the original series in the Sixties.

For those of you who have thusfar kept up with Kodek The Hitman (and part-time journalist) and his merry band of friends (The Newspaper Editor, The Mad Scientist, The Bear of Berlin and that crazy Waitress in the Yellow Uniform), you’ll know that these things, mentioned above, are referenced throughout the tales.

Well, here it. is. Chapters 50 and 51 are up. One story left to go, here, in six days. Where does the time go?

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New Fiction Saturday… is almost done!

Yes, that’s right, The Plumber is almost done! It’s been a crazy year, only 2 stories left to go before it all circles around to that fatal plunge to the concrete below… fictionally speaking, of course… in that original ditty entitled, “The Whole Story“, which kicked this whole thing off in the first place last year.

Chapter 49 up.


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Gorgeous New Fiction Saturday in Vancouver…

49 weeks in, 87,431 words written, 3 stories left to go and Chapter 48 up this week in the nearly-concluded TALES OF THE PLUMBER saga. Crazy. It’s gorgeous outside today so I took the morning in a high-windowed second-floor coffee shop to do up this Monday’s “film I’ve never seen”.  It’s been a good week so far — except for the movie. Which is weird, because I usually like everything – not like Mikey from those Life cereal commercials in the seventies. Read all about it (soon).


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The 17th of March – New Fiction Saturday!

And a happy St. Paddy’s Day! I thought I might celebrate by watching The Long Good Friday but then quickly realized that I left my copy of that back in London. Damn. Well, this week the mega-five-part-conclusion of TALES OF THE PLUMBER speeds on with Chapter 47, and only 4 stories left before it’s all done. I forgot to do a word count this week, but I’m pretty sure the whole thing has reached novel length even at this point. I can’t believe this all started nearly a year ago.

Stay tuned on Monday as we’ve already started the new weekly “writing on film” section. This week’s is going to have a little something to do with our good friends at Videotape Swapshop in London. ‘Til then, have a great weekend!


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Chopped, fried, and on time! New Fiction Satuday is back! (March 10th)

It official, we’re back on track! Ugh, finally. The exciting 46th chapter, V, is now up for your reading pleasure as the TALES OF THE PLUMBER continue… with only FIVE episodes left! Crazy.

Please stay tuned this week as we also segue into yet another 52-week-long project under the new WRITING ON FILM section – starting this Monday! (Which mean’s it’ll probably be posted on Wednesday. But what the hell, come back and check up on us on Monday, anyway!)


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New Fiction Sunday – Only one day late this rainy Mar weekend!

The timing’s getting a little better (way better than last week), next week I’ll be back on Saturday’s track for sure… Anyway, here we are for this weekend of March 3rd/4th with the forty-fifth chapter in the TALES OF THE PLUMBER serial. It’s getting pretty weird now, boys and ghouls.


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Okay, it’s late. New Fiction Tuesday!

The quick-and-dirty, written-in-a-coffee-shop one-shot is back! Chapter 44 up in TALES OF THE PLUMBER! Incidentally, this was inspired by an old Richard Christian Matheson story from his out-of-print anthology “Scars”. But not ripped off. No, definitely not ripped off.

Hopefully Next Saturday’s story won’t be tardy. You’ll have to excuse the author as he’s getting over some bad-ass jetlag. His bad.


Triple-Feature “Tales of the Plumber” for Feb 4.

Yes, it’s triple-feature Saturday this week, we’re going Back to the Future, Back in Black, back to the infamous roadside diner SHOTGUN MARY’S in this week’s triple-shot of the  TALES OF THE PLUMBER.

We’re up to 77779 words to date and only 8 chapters left! I’ll let you numerologists chew on that one, if there is indeed anything there to chew on at all.



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