Creepy Six Tales was started in January 2011, it’s the written-fiction side of the midnight movie company Creepy Six Films, which I (that’s Vince) started with my wife Nicole and friend Peter in the fall of 2001.

The idea for this horror/fantastic/crime-lit site is to showcase the works of authors new and old. Also, I’m a huge fan of fiction and writing. My favorite work in running the C6 film company was always the writing. So many ideas, so little time. I have a filing cabinet filled with scripts and story outlines that I will likely never get a chance to revise or develop. But at least there is an outlet here, with Creepy Six Tales, for some thoughts and tall tales that are not just mine, but come from an array of talents that I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with over the last ten years. Of course, as stated, you’ll see some stories published here from authors whom it would have been impossible for me to meet personally, unless I had some sort of time-machine or re-animating agent. But these stories are important to me, as they served  unmeasurable inspiration to myself and many famous authors and talented scriptwriters.

As a part of a much bigger meta-fictional project, I will attempt to write/post a new story in “Tales of The Plumber” every week for 52 weeks. And meanwhile, on other dark nights, I will simply lay in bed pondering the re-working of this site’s layout…

So, thank you for having a look around at the workings of an obsessive mind.

Very truly,



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